Monday, February 3, 2020

Short Pitch / This is an Action Comedy PG-13


Harley Biker 38 year old Scott “Rider” Mann works at The Ranch House as a Bartender and a Bouncer.
Due to the current recession, work slows down to a bare minimum and he must find a way to make money.

Riding his Harley one day, he rides to The State Fair and enters a Virtual Gaming Contest called “Scooterman". The game is based on The Comic Book Scooterman. The object is to defeat the Evil Lester Grand and save River City. 1st place pays $100,000
Nobody has ever won the game.

Rider is reluctant to ride a scooter and be called the chosen game name "Scooterman" but he has no choice. If he wants to play,he must move forward with the given options.

The game begins too quickly for him to be prompted about the upcoming characters he will face.Inside he quickly meets and befriends the infamous Jett Scootergirl where she guides him thru the game.Together they battle The Mopedrones (robots that ride Mopeds) Killgulls (robotic Seagulls) and the Evil Les Grand.

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