Tuesday, April 7, 2020


                                     Scooterman Game App for iPhone Coming Summer 2020  

Monday, February 3, 2020

Short Pitch / This is an Action Comedy PG-13


Harley Biker 38 year old Scott “Rider” Mann works at The Ranch House as a Bartender and a Bouncer.
Due to the current recession, work slows down to a bare minimum and he must find a way to make money.

Riding his Harley one day, he rides to The State Fair and enters a Virtual Gaming Contest called “Scooterman". The game is based on The Comic Book Scooterman. The object is to defeat the Evil Lester Grand and save River City. 1st place pays $100,000
Nobody has ever won the game.

Rider is reluctant to ride a scooter and be called the chosen game name "Scooterman" but he has no choice. If he wants to play,he must move forward with the given options.

The game begins too quickly for him to be prompted about the upcoming characters he will face.Inside he quickly meets and befriends the infamous Jett Scootergirl where she guides him thru the game.Together they battle The Mopedrones (robots that ride Mopeds) Killgulls (robotic Seagulls) and the Evil Les Grand.

Scott "Rider" Mann aka SCOOTERMAN

                                                   RIDER aka SCOOTERMAN BIO:

Rider rides as Scooterman who is a crime fighter dedicated to fighting crime and taking down the Evil Les Grand.
A former Scooter racer on The World Pro Scooter Tour Scooterman befriends many International partners along the way such as "IrieMan " from Jamaica and "Bro From Down Under" from Australia.
Together they form a group called SFA aka Scootermen For America.


                                                        JETT aka SCOOTERGIRL BIO:

Jett aka Scootergirl is 24 years old and has lived in River City her whole adult life.Her Father Shane was a mechanic in The Air Force and she travelled all over the World.One day her Father gifted her with a special Jet powered scooter that she uses to this day.
It was traveling the World where she met and befriended many of her past and present girlfriends and formed the renowned organization “Scootergirl International” dedicated to making planet Earth a better place to live.
Jett tries hard to help the citizens of River City on a daily basis.


                                                                MOPEDRONE BIO:

First used as experimental dummies on The Scooter Race track, Les Grand created The Mopedrones to help Scooter and Motorcycle racers compete with their timing and competition when other riders weren't available to practice and race against.
Brainstorming after a night of drinking Scotch, Les decided to reprogram them to enforce his City Laws, collect rents and basically cause havoc and widespread panic in River City.
There are currently 10,000 Mopedrones that patrol the City.



KillGulls are Robotic Birds that fly around River City delivering eviction notices, perform border patrol of the city and also at times assist The Mopedrones with their daily tasks of enforcing rules in River City.
There are currently 500 KillGulls in River City.



Lester Grand aka Les Grand is the Richest Man in River City and owns everything and anything that exists in the City. His Family amassed a serious fortune during prohibition days.
Les lives in his Gigantic Mansion on the Hill overlooking the City.There he spends quality time drinking Scotch and controlling his robots who cause havoc in the City.
Les is a former Marine who also was a professional Motocross and Scooter racer back in the 1960s and 1970s.
After an accident left him barely cripple, he turned to Alcohol and Pain medication to ease the pain. He is a huge fan of the Rock group AC/DC and tries to dress like them whenever possible.
Les is Single but has thought at times about buying a RobotWife.

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